Wingsss College of Aviation Technology

Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India & Affiliated to University of Mumbai



Why should one choose this field and how is it different from other types of engineering?

It can be really challenging to choose a decent career and a direction to go after the 12th grade. If PCM is your stream, there are plenty of profitable employment choices available to you, and as the trend continues, more are on the way. The trend in every field favors science students, yet engineers continue to be attractive even today. Due to its many industries, engineering is still a challenging career for young people. Engineering has advanced because of the many branches it has growing out of it. When it comes to engineering, its branches, jobs, and even the desire to engage in something distinctive that draws them, students are generally highly perplexed. There, choosing a rewarding and hard vocation is necessary; for this reason, we advise taking courses in aviation maintenance.

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